EO Detroit April Accelerator Spotlight: Jacki Smith, Coventry Creations

EO Detroit April Accelerator Spotlight: Jacki Smith, Coventry Creations - EO Detroit News - Business Advice Blog, Networking - Entrepreneurs' Organization - jacki-webMeet Jacki Smith, EO Accelerator and Enchantress, Magic Maker, and President at Coventry Creations! She’s this month’s Accelerator Spotlight! Get to know more about Jacki, her company and her experience with Accererator!

What has been the most important thing you have taken away from the program?

Definitely. We are organized, moving forward and doing it consciously. In the past, success felt like a crap game but now we have stabilized our place in our market and know how to widen it.

Have you noticed a change in your business so far?  

Yes. We have taken significant time to define our values, culture, mission etc., for practical use in creating a deliberate recruitment & hiring process as well as employee evaluation process. We are already using it when interviewing potential new hires, and it is helping us make better hiring decisions.

What were your biggest fears going into the program? how have you dealt with those fears? 

My biggest fear was wasting money I couldn’t afford to spend in the first place. There were no credit cards to tap or rainy day funds to tip into – personally or business wise.  I literally took the EOA membership fees from my operating budget. I knew I needed to do something different because what I had going on was making me crazy. I faced my fears by deciding that I was going to get every last little morsel out of my time in EOA, nothing was to be wasted. I engaged myself in all aspects of the training and asked lots of questions. When I felt I was not getting my money’s worth, I complained and was responded to in a constructive way.

What advice do you have for future accelerants?  

Get thee to training days, networking days, event days and accountability days. Build relationships, introduce yourself, open your mind and butt into conversations, because there is no other place in the world where you can tap into the vast amount of collective knowledge that pertains to you. There will always be another client meeting, staff meeting, lunch with the ladies, but this opportunity is finite.

What has been your favorite exercise your group has participated in?  

My favorite exercise is a repeating one – training days. It’s all about ME those days, there are no employees, clients or vendors looking for a piece of me.  I get to explore ideas, laugh and try on information.