5 Ways to Improve Your Leadership

As business owners, we are constantly adapting and changing to improve our businesses and better meet the needs of our employees. In order to ensure that these changes are carried out, we, as business owners need to work to improve our management style first.

How can we expect changes to be made without improving our leadership? By leading well, we set the example and the pace for our employees to be leaders.

Don’t micromanage - Trust your workers to get the job done. Provide them with the task and step back. An important part of leadership is knowing when to step in and when to step back. You hired your employees for a reason, let them do their job.

Build a relationship - Make sure you develop relationships with your employees. Go beyond the surface level of, “hi, how was your weekend?” You want your employees to feel valued at work. Let them know you’re keeping up with how they are. Although this may seem time consuming, your reaching out goes a long way and provides your employees with a more meaningful connection to their job, aside from just going in and completing their work.

Continue to learn and grow - As leaders, we need to be constantly learning and growing ourselves. Keeping up with business trends, relevant industry news and ways to better your leadership skills are outward signs to employees that you don’t just expect them to better themselves, but that what you ask of them, you do as well. Leading by example is critical to developing employee and business growth.

Know who you are - As executives, we sometimes are unaware of how we appear to others. If you’re in a bad mood or seem despondent, your employees will likely reflect those attitudes, or have a negative impression of you. Be sure to enter into work with a positive attitude. If you expect that from your employees, make sure to do the same.

Practice leadership skills - Being an effective, positive and influential leader takes time and is a constant learning process. Learn what it takes to be a good leader and practice every day. The more you practice, the more you improve.

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