Accelerator Quarterly Day - People

2/13/2018 - 02/14/2018
Wednesday February 13, 2018
Bingham Office Center 30400 Telegraph Road - 1st Floor Conference Center Bingham Farms, MI 48125

Have you thought about your PEOPLE lately?

  • Are all stakeholders happy and engaged, and would you rehire all of them?
  • What are your Core Values? Do you use them to find, hire and keep the best talent?
  • What core processes are in place that make sure you and your team are operating at your best? 
  • What makes a successful manager?
  • When did you last consider what “hassles” are getting in the way of your company’s growth?
  • Are you ready to take action to grow the talent you already have in your company?

Optional Pre-Reading:

  • Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, Chapter: People Process Accountability Chart (PACe), Pages 52-57

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